Reel Fast Mowing
provided by: Popular Mechanics
written by: Roy Berendsohn - Associate Home Improvement Editor

As reprinted in the May 1996 Popular Mechanics

The ProMow gang mower system is designed to give you maximum cutting width with light weight, so you can pull it with any standard lawn tractor. The smallest model delivers an 8 1/2-ft.-wide cut path and can be pulled with a 5 - horse - power tractor, while the largest requires only 11 horsepower and cuts a 12 - ft. - wide path. The mower system ranges in cost of $1250 for the smallest residential mower to about $3000 for the largest commercial model (plus shipping). We show a midrange model with a 9 - ft. - wide cut path, costing about $1700. The residential models have five blades per head, while the professional models have six blades. Tires get larger and wider, and metal components get heavier, as you move up the line. This results in heads weighing 25 pounds on the residential end and 70 pounds at the commercial level. The Heads fold up for efficient storage. Each cutting head is a reel mower and the tube-steel frame allows each head to flex so it produces a smooth cut over bumps and hollows. The system is sold at outdoor-equipment dealers. To find a dealer, contact Pro-Mow Inc., 8318 Clinton Park Dr., Fort Wayne, IN 46825.