Pull it with your lawn tractor, ATV, or even a golf cart! Five feet of golf course quality cut with our finest and best quality reel.
Three 21" sealed bearings reels  
Large 2 1/2 x 10" wheels  
Cutting height from 1/2" to 3"  
Environmentally responsibile  
58 inch cutting path  
Strong patented 1 1/2" tubular steel frame  
Durable powder coat finish  
Easy to maneuver full flex and reverse capabilities  
Easy do it yourself maintenance Limited Warranty (1 year on heads, 2 years on frame)
Easy to assemble  
Low HP requirement 4 MPH should be considered top speed
Saves fuel Permanent gang - can not add more heads
Saves time Mows an acre in 25 minutes
No bagging required Sharpening kit available


Acres cut per hour 2
Horsepower needed to pull unit 7HP
Total width 4'10"
Number of blades 6
Size of each head 21"
Cutting height 5/8" to 2 3/4"
Price NA
No Longer Available


The Gold 21” reel is ProMow’s finest reel. Used for the Flex 58, Gold Premium, and Gold Commercial Series.

This reel will amaze you with the quality of cut, the easy height adjustments, and low maintenance requirements. Designed and tested for durability and performance.

The reel is ground driven, cutting heights from a low of 5/8” to a high of 2 ¾”, 21”cutting width, sealed bearings, 6-blade reel, height adjusts via wheel axle, level cutter via roller adjustment. Easy reel to cutter bar adjustment. Wide 2 ½” x 10” wheels provide good traction and floatation. Reel weighs approx. 48 lb. Parts readily available from ProMow if needed.

Mfg Warranty: 1 yr.


Number of blades 6
Size of head 21"
Cutting height 5/8" to 2 3/4"
Price $200.00